The Staycation Diaries: Sleeping under the stars…

Whilst the continuation of traffic light systems and debates around vaccine passports has left international travel up in the air for many, UK staycations have accelerated in popularity.

From coastal respites to hiking holidays, the lockdown has provided us with the opportunity to explore some of this country’s most beautiful locations.

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Festival Safety: Partying in a post-pandemic world

It’s been just over a week since England welcomed ‘Freedom Day’, with virtually all COVID-19 restrictions being lifted (or at least no longer a legal requirement for the most part).

Whilst the government’s decision has left a country divided, particularly due to cases continuing to rise, for many this date has marked the confirmation of festivals and concerts returning to arenas and fields across the country.

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The Daily Walk: how lockdown helped me rediscover my local area

(Disclaimer: the places mentioned and the photographs taken in this post occurred before the current UK lockdown, and at the time of being taken, were in line with the government guidelines put in place.)

The daily walk. The slither of normality. The regular parole from our otherwise and current ‘behind-closed-doors’ lives.

Whilst we are now emerging into a post-lockdown world, for some, staying local still remains to be a comfort blanket. For me, over the last year, daily walks have become implemented in my lockdown lifestlye.

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